RetroBalls - a small Kanji/SexyKanji advertising demo

RetroBalls is similar to old Commodore 64 or Amiga demos. It's a non-interactive sequence, playing music and showing some cool graphic FX. To create the demo, I used the tools coming with SexyKanji: Kanji Font Builder and Resource Generator. In addition, Gimp was used to manipulate the images. The music was in Protracker module format, converted to ogg with MOD4WIN and Audacity.

(The Unofficial) PopCap Framework Developer Board

Welcome to the PopCap Framework!

Unfortunately, the PopCap Developer Program is not longer supported by PopCap. It was launched to contribute to the indie game community by allowing free access to the programming Framework PopCap successfully based their games on.

But thanks to Jeff "Architekt", who sent me a dump of the official PopCap developer board, I set up a "fan-site" making the "real thing" available as a reference work.

About a swarm

Yet another well known effect to continue the serie, this time in Python and C++! You read the story about PyTris, the Tetris clone, or don´t you? Well, there are a few leaves flying around in the background of the playfield. This article is about implementing this flocking behavior.

PyTris: a Tetris clone using PyCap

"PyCap? What the hell is that?" you would ask. Here the answer from Farbs:

"... PyCap is the ultimate framework for the super slack programmer. Pycap wraps the sweet sweet PopCap Game Framework in a super friendly high level python interface. With Pycap you can start building pretty 2D games without installing a compiler or learning C++."

Pacman for Newbies

You are searching for a game engine? Why not trying the PopCap Framework?

Nowadays it isn´t necessary to sit down for about 2 years writing a game engine on your own, because there are hundreds of them, mostly available on the internet. If you´re satisfied with a "bugfree" 2D framework, proved in a lot of commercial games, and you don´t need the lastest graphic-features, why not taking a look at the free PopCap programming framework?

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