Drupal 7 Admin helper module: user statistics

You're a Drupal System Administrator? Have you ever bin asked by a customer, how many users of a certain role you have on a site?
Oh, wait, I'll write a small piece of sql-statements, a join of the users and users_roles tables will do the trick. You'll find a lot of stuff in the web about this - good, but not very comfortable.
And what about "There's a module for that"? Searching drupal.org doesn't give me the module I wanted - a nifty little thing that:

  • display count of users with a certain role
  • display currently online users/guests/spiders

And this is what you'll find here: when Drupal's admin/people is insufficient and Piwik Webanalytics is to oversized to get a quick overview of your users, this module is an excellent little helper for you.

User statistic block output


  • copy the downloaded files to your Drupal installation: sites/all/modules/user_statistic
  • enable the module (other/User Statistic)
  • go to the block page of your admin theme: admin/structure/block/list/your_admin_theme_name
  • place the new block "User statistic information" to region "content" and give the block an appropriate weight, e.g. "1" to place the block below the main content
  • configure the block to show the block only on a certain page, recommended is "admin/people"
  • configure the block display with: admin/config/people/user_statistic
  • translate strings to your language or import the included german translation

User statistics settings


Please download the module from the Drupal site / github at https://drupal.org/sandbox/heikofischer/2082397

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