Make yourself at home - reloaded!

For the relaunch of "Make yourself at home", I got an extraordinary hot (and big) download for you: cool "popcap framework stuff" including useful code samples and demos.

The samples are also downloadable in separate parts at the forum, but here you will get the whole bunch in one piece. This will be the "digital gravestone" for our beloved framework - I know you guys are working with different engines and stuff by now.

I'd like to send special thanks to:

  • James (jpoag) - formerly known as "the popcap-automatic-answering-machine" ;)
  • Jeff "Architekt" Weinstein
  • Vortex
  • ernestpazera
  • dmitryshm
  • Harrison Brock
  • Paul Hamilton
  • and all the other guys contributing the community years ago.

Have fun making and playing games ;)
(image from tickld)


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