SexyKanji - PopCap Framework over Kanji

The last months we worked hard to port the PopCap Framework (codenamed Sexy) over the multiplatform Kanji Game engine. 

The SexyKanji framework is designed to facilitate rapid development of high-quality games by allowing game programmers to concentrate their efforts on expressing game concepts while minimizing the work required to create a rich visual and audio presentation. It is a C++ toolkit for creating games on the Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad platforms.

Kanji is a 2D (with 3D capabilities) multiplatform game engine API. It is a new implementation of the PTK 2D game engine interface with improved compatibility, performance, reliability, more features and supported platforms. Kanji is validated by real-world use in production games.

Sexy provides tools and constructs that facilitate faster game development. Sexy provides complementary services to Kanji:

  • A solid main application game loop with Update services running at 100hz (guaranteed) and a variable Update loop running at the monitor refresh rate.
  • A Widget hierarchy, for displaying buttons, edit boxes, list boxes, check boxes, etc...
  • Resource Management.
  • Easy Multithreaded asset loading.
  • XML Reading/Writing.
  • Unicode character support.
  • and much, much more.
  • SexyKanji is a free add-on to Kanji.

EDIT: The Kanji game engine was bought by Gogii Games. We decided to close the site and dumped everything over at SourceForge. What a bad ending after all our efforts, read the whole story here - especially this post.

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